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Marbelite Pools & Fibreglass Pools

We specialise in all aspects of pool renovation, which includes resurfacing your pool with marbelite, new customised mosaic border tiles applied, waterproof high-pressure piping installed as well as reinforced concrete repairs to ensure structural integrity for years to come.

We pride ourselves in quality and attention to detail and guarantee our work, and can assist with different types of pools, including: 

  • Marbelite swimming pools
  • Fibreglass swimming pools

Why resurface your pool?

Whether you own a resort-style pool or something smaller, the joys of swimming in your own watery space are endless. Unfortunately, time and sun exposure can take their toll on a pool’s surface. This is why regular resurfacing is essential. When you painstakingly resurface your inground pool, you benefit from an aesthetically pleasing surface and one that offers long-term structural integrity against water wear and tear. The result? An enduring water space that looks great and lasts for years to come. 

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Mosaic tiles for swimming pools

Swimming pools often become a centrepiece of their surroundings. And what better way to make your swimming pool stand out than with uniquely designed mosaic border tiles? With options for various sizes, styles, and materials, you can create a unique border that reflects the style of your space, including classical, artisanal, or contemporary designs. Mosaic border tiles provide an excellent way to enliven any swimming pool and show off the intricate beauty of these often-overlooked details. Best of all, these durable stain-resistant border tiles require minimal upkeep while providing an aesthetically pleasing accent to your swimming pool.

Repairs & inspections

We inspect and repair problems as they arise before they get serious and costly.

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