The Pool Installations Specialists
In The Northern Suburbs

We’ll design and build your exceptionally beautiful pool, including:


  • Installation of fountains (Blades, nozzles and jets)
  • Building and Installation of concrete & fibreglass pools
  • Pool design and layout
  • Swimming Pool Builders
  • Fibreglass Relining
  • Marbelite Swimming Pool
  • Renovation of existing pools
  • Structural repairs, Resurfacing
  • Various heat installation options (Heat pumps and solar)
  • Installation of Timers (Wifi and Analog)
  • Installation of DB Boards

Why use a pool installation specialist?

If you’re considering installing a pool, one of the best decisions you can make is to use a pool installation specialist. Quality is crucial when it comes to having a pool installed, and with a specialist, you can expect the job to be done well with attention to detail, with no need to worry about leaks. Pool Squad has extensive knowledge and experience in pools, so we can offer valuable guidance during installation. Plus, we’re trained in industry-specific safety protocols, which reduces the risk of potential accidents or injuries during the installation process.

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How long does it take to install a pool?

Installing a pool of any size can be an involved process, but the time it takes to complete the job depends mainly on the size of the pool. A small above-ground pool might only take a few days, while something more extensive and elaborate could require weeks. The kind of finish used on the interior and exterior of the pool will also impact installation time; custom mosaic tile work can dramatically increase the project’s overall duration. Ultimately we’ll be able to give you a more accurate estimate after understanding your specific needs and requirements, so get in touch for a quote. 

Repairs & inspections

We inspect and repair problems as they arise before they get serious and costly.

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